Research Report The Family Permanent Supportive Housing Initiative
Family History and Experiences in Supportive Housing
Clare Nolan, Cathy ten Broeke, Michelle Magee, Martha R. Burt
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Permanent supportive housing for families (FPSH) is a relatively new undertaking throughout the country. FPSH grew from the recognition that some adults have both disabilities that render them unable to maintain stable housing on their own and also children they are trying to raise. Without substantial help, these parents have not been able to provide themselves or their children with a stable residence. This report assesses the housing stability of a sample of 100 families living in seven San Francisco FPSH programs, based on information from interviews conducted from November 2003 through April 2004. It looks at family demographics; housing and homeless history; education, employment, and income; use of services; children's living situations and well-being; and family satisfaction with housing. It also describes in detail the settings and operations of the seven FPSH programs from which the family sample was drawn.
Research Areas Families Children and youth Housing
Tags Economic well-being Homelessness