Research Report Examining Racial Disparities in the Sixth Judicial District of Iowa's Probation Revocation Outcomes
Helen Ho, Justin Breaux, Jesse Jannetta, Malinda Lamb
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The Urban Institute examined racial disparities in the probation revocation rates in Iowa's Sixth Judicial District. Black probationers in the study sample were revoked at significantly higher rates than both white and Hispanic probationers. Disparities in revocation outcomes persisted after controlling for available legal and demographic factors. A little over half of the black-white disparity in revocation rates was attributable to group differences in characteristics other than race or ethnicity. This report situates the study in the context of the Sixth Judicial District's past efforts addressing disparities in probation processes and outcomes and discusses potential future directions in light of the study findings.
Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety Race and equity
Tags Corrections Racial and ethnic disparities Racial disparities in criminal justice
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center