Research Report Evaluation of the STOP Formula Grants to Combat Violence against Women: 1999 Report
Martha R. Burt, Adele V. Harrell, Lisa Jacobs Raymond, Britta Iwen, Kathryn A. Schlichter, Bonnie Katz, Lauren E. Bennett
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Since the STOP program began in 1995, the states have made great strides in implementing their own strategies for developing community responses to domestic violence and sexual assault. In telephone interviews, state STOP administrators are unanimous in their agreement that STOP money is achieving important things in the community. Some administrators say that without these funds, many of the violence against women programs that currently operate in their states would not exist; as one stated: "The VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) money is some of the most valuable funding our state receives."
Research Areas Neighborhoods, cities, and metros Families
Tags Family violence Women and girls Sexual violence