Research Report Estimating the Impact of a Russian Job Search Program Targeted on the Unemployed in Very Low-Income Families
Raymond J. Struyk, Kirill Chagin
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This paper presents an impact evaluation of an active labor market program operating in over a dozen Russian cities. The program provides job search assistance and significant financial and social services support to unemployed workers who are members of very poor families. It is of interest because of high success (job acquisition) rates previously documented. The analysis shows that participants are significantly more likely to find and retain a job than a control group of similar workers who registered at the local Employment Centers at the same time. On the other hand, these workers were found to take jobs paying significantly lower wages than the controls. Importantly, data for an earlier participant cohort (but no controls) show that 75 percent of program participants remained employed more than a year after exiting the program.
Research Areas International development
Tags Public service and subsidized employment programs International social sector reform Job search and matching