Brief Escaping the Hidden War: Safety Is the Biggest Gain for CHA Families
CHA Families and the Plan for Transformation Series
Susan J. Popkin, David Price
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In 1999, when the Chicago Housing Authoritys (CHA) Plan for Transformation began, the agencys housing developments were notorious for being among the most dangerous places in the nation. This brief explores whether the safety gains for early relocates have been sustained and whether those who moved later have benefited equally because these residents tended to be among the most vulnerable, there was good reason to think that they would not fare as well. We find that almost all former residents are now living in safer conditions and that improved safety and quality of life has been the greatest benefit.
Research Areas Wealth and financial well-being Neighborhoods, cities, and metros Children and youth Housing
Tags Federal housing programs and policies Employment and income data Housing vouchers and mobility Child welfare Neighborhoods and youth development Public and assisted housing
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center