Brief Employer-Sponsored Insurance Stays Strong, with No Signs of Decay under the ACA: Findings through March 2016
Fredric Blavin, Adele Shartzer, Sharon K. Long, John Holahan
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  • Employer-sponsored insurance coverage, offer, and take-up rates remained unchanged among nonelderly workers from June 2013 to March 2016.
  • Coverage, offer and take-up rates were stable for workers in small and large firms and for workers with high and low incomes. 
  • These rates remained stable among workers most susceptible to declines if ESI were to erode under the ACA (e.g., those with low education, in racial and ethnicity minority groups, and in areas with stronger public options). ESI offer rates increased among workers with the lowest level of education, and offer and coverage increased among Hispanic workers.
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