Research Report Economic Mobility Services for Affordable Housing Residents
Exploring Resident Services as a Vehicle for Economic Success
Eric Burnstein, Megan Gallagher, Wilton Oliver
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This report identifies services that help low-income individuals and households achieve upward economic mobility and explores how affordable housing providers offer them. We begin by presenting key economic mobility concepts and definitions. We then discuss the research evidence on interventions across sectors and disciplines that help individuals and households to achieve upward economic mobility. In the third section of this report, we present our findings from interviews with leading organizations and initiatives in the field. Finally, we discuss challenges for affordable housing providers seeking to help their residents achieve economic mobility and opportunities for future research. The report includes lists and profiles of organizations that are offering promising economic mobility strategies. Five key lessons from interviews are highlighted in a related research brief.

Research Areas Education Social safety net Workforce Housing
Tags Workforce development Financial knowledge and capability Housing affordability Inequality and mobility Opportunity and ownership
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center