Research Report The Disposition of Federal Dollars in Florida's Social Services: Informing a Federal Funding Maximization Strategy
Final Report to The Florida Philanthropic Network
Adam Carasso, Roseana Bess
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In Florida, the foundering economy, mounting program costs, and a philosophy of limited government threaten the vitality of state social services. Different levels of government in Florida have begun maximizing federal dollars in earnest to make an end-run around flat state revenues. The state and the larger counties have sometimes been at odds over federal revenue maximization, however. Under a grant from the Florida Philanthropic Network, we examine Florida's efforts to maximize federal dollars in 11 federal social service programs over the past decade at the state level. These programs include Medicaid, SCHIP, Title IV-E Foster Care, TANF, SSI, and Food Stamps. Where possible, comparisons are made with Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas.
Research Areas Social safety net Taxes and budgets
Tags State programs, budgets State and local tax issues
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population