Research Report A Descriptive Analysis of the US Department of Labor's Long-Term Care Registered Apprenticeship Programs
Wayne Anderson, Galina Khatutsky, Joshua M. Wiener, Robert I. Lerman, Daniel Kuehn
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High-quality long-term care workers are in high demand. The apprenticeship model is a well-established strategy for training workers by combining classroom and experiential learning, and placing workers into careers that offer opportunities for advancement. Best known for training plumbers and electricians, the apprenticeship model is now being applied to long-term care occupations. This report describes long-term care registered apprenticeship programs.
Research Areas Economic mobility and inequality Education Health and health care Aging and retirement Workforce
Tags Workforce development Workplace and industry studies Disability and long-term care Long-term services and support Workers in low-wage jobs Labor force Family care and support Job training Apprenticeships
Policy Centers Income and Benefits Policy Center Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population