Brief Decentralized local governments as a modality for post-conflict recovery and development: An emerging natural experiment in Northern Uganda
Jameson Boex, Deborah Kimble, Juliana H. Pigey
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This initial situation analysis compares the features and potential impact of five postconflict interventions in Northern Uganda, including the Government of Ugandas own Peace, Recovery and Development Plan for Northern Uganda and projects funded by the World Bank, USAID, and DfID. Each program aims to promote peace and recovery through improved public services and infrastructure, economic development, and livelihood opportunities, but each relies on local governments in somewhat different ways and to different extents. This natural experiment will allows us to assess how effectively each program engages local governments and how effectively local governments deliver public services post conflict.
Research Areas Global issues
Tags International municipal and intergovernmental finance International public administration and local government International development and governance