Brief Data Snapshot of Youth Incarceration in Connecticut
Hanna Love, Elizabeth Pelletier, Samantha Harvell
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Connecticut’s youth incarceration rates are low, but it has the highest racial and ethnic disparities in the country for committed youth. Black youth are committed to facilities at 24 times the rate of their white peers, who are significantly less likely to be incarcerated in the state’s only youth prison and 75% more likely to go to a residential treatment center. Connecticut’s youth prison incarcerates on average 40-50 youth per day and costs the state more than $30 million a year, more than the entirety of its alternatives to incarceration. Despite the high investment, it is notorious for poor conditions and has been subject to scandals surrounding the inhumane treatment of youth. This data snapshot explores youth incarceration in Connecticut, providing data to state partners working with the YouthFirst! Initiative, a national advocacy campaign supporting state juvenile justice reform efforts.
Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety Children and youth
Tags Juvenile justice Delinquency and crime Mass incarceration Youth development
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