Brief Creating Core Competency Frameworks for Successful Home Visitors
Rebecca Peters, Heather Sandstrom
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Home visitors come from various fields, but their daily work requires knowledge, skills, and attributes not linked to any particular discipline or degree. Core competency frameworks provide a shared language and set of expectations for the home visiting workforce by outlining the inherent “parts of the job.” This Innovation Roundup Brief published for the National Home Visiting Resource Center highlights several efforts to develop core competency frameworks to support professional development and high-quality services. The brief discusses each effort’s goals and purpose, key stakeholders, notable details, and implications. There is also a crosswalk of core competency domains.


This brief was developed for the National Home Visiting Resource Center and is available on its website. The NHVRC is led by James Bell Associates in partnership with the Urban Institute. Support is provided by the Heising-Simons Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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