Research Report Contrary to President's Claim, Large Majority of Americans Ultimately Are Likely to Lose From Tax Reconciliation Bill
Aviva Aron-Dine, Leonard E. Burman, Isaac Shapiro
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In his recent statement responding to the tax reconciliation bill conference agreement, President Bush asserted that failure to extend the tax cuts contained in the bill would be "disastrous" for "all working Americans." In this analysis, we consider three possible approaches to paying for the tax cuts: one that approximates financing largely through cuts in federal programs, one that approximates financing through a combination of program cuts and progressive tax increases, and a third that approximates financing entirely through progressive tax increases. Under all three scenarios, the average household with income below $100,000 would lose from the tax bill.
Research Areas Economic mobility and inequality Taxes and budgets
Tags Fiscal policy Individual taxes
Policy Centers Income and Benefits Policy Center