Research Report Comparing Credit Profiles of American Renters and Owners
Wei Li, Laurie Goodman
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This analysis of 6 million consumer credit records examines how the credit profiles of renters and owners differ. Our most significant findings are as follows:

  • 12 million renters have a mortgage
  • 64 million renters have credit scores below 650 and may not qualify for a mortgage
  • 96 million renters have never had a mortgage, and 42 percent of them have debt in collections
  • Many middle-aged renters who used to have a mortgage appear to have been forced out of homeownership by financial troubles
Research Areas Wealth and financial well-being Housing finance Housing
Tags Asset and debts Housing markets Housing and the economy Multifamily finance Single-family finance Homeownership Multifamily housing Finance Family credit and debt
Policy Centers Housing Finance Policy Center