Brief In Cities, Suburbs and the Sticks
Gary Gates Uncovers the U.S. Communities that Same-Sex Couples Call Home
Gary Gates
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[Financial Times] Not too long ago, only a few large U.S. cities, such as San Francisco and New York, were thought of as gay meccas. Today, hundreds of American towns bear gay markings, not only in the form of a few fluttering rainbow flags but in thriving urban businesses, suburban cultural offerings and revitalized holiday venues. This article uses findings from The Gay and Lesbian Atlas (Urban Institute Press, 2004) to show there is more than anecdotal evidence to support the growing belief that gay and lesbians are vital to many American communities.
Research Areas Families Sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression
Tags Family and household data Family structure LGBTQ+ equity LGBTQ+ rights and antidiscrimination