Brief Children Eligible for Medicaid but Not Enrolled
How Great a Policy Concern?
Amy J. Davidoff, Bowen Garrett, Matthew Schirmer
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Medicaid-eligible uninsured children were healthier than Medicaid enrollees, but were 17 percent more likely to lack a usual source of care, 12 percent more likely to report unmet need, and 16 percent more likely to report high out-of-pocket medical spending. Medicaid-eligible children with private insurance were more likely to have a usual source of care, but were also more likely to report delays in seeking care and face higher out-of-pocket spending. Based on the 1994 and 1995 NHIS, the researchers adjust for demographic, socioeconomic and health characteristics to measure the impact of Medicaid coverage. Results suggest that Medicaid enrollment gains will yield important improvements in access to care.
Research Areas Health and health care Children and youth
Tags Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program  Children's health and development Health insurance