Research Report Can Targeting Industries Improve Earnings for Welfare Recipients Moving from Welfare-to-Work?
Preliminary Findings
John Foster-Bey, Lynette A. Rawlings
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This paper presents preliminary findings from a larger study that examines whether targeted industry employment and workforce development interventions -- such as sector employment initiatives -- might improve the quality of employment for welfare recipients. The study explores the link between pre and post-PRWORA employment in certain industries and the quality of jobs held by former welfare recipients. The goal is to determine if the economic well-being of former welfare recipients might be improved if welfare-to-work efforts targeted specific industries for employment initiatives for welfare recipients.
Research Areas Economic mobility and inequality Education Wealth and financial well-being Neighborhoods, cities, and metros Social safety net Workforce
Tags Workforce development Workplace and industry studies Welfare and safety net programs Employment and income data Wages and nonwage compensation Job opportunities Income and wealth distribution Wages and economic mobility