Research Report Can Expanding the Use of Computers Improve the Performance of Small Minority- and Women-Owned Enterprises?
Robert I. Lerman, Caroline Ratcliffe, Harold Salzman, Doug Wissoker, Jennifer Gaudet
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This study examines whether small minority- and women-owned enterprises (MWEs) use computers less than white-male-owned enterprises and whether higher levels of computer use increase productivity. We use data from a new telephone survey of roughly 1,100 firms and 45 in-depth interviews with business owners. The results suggest that: (1) Small MWEs show no tendency to use computers less than small firms owned by white men; and (2) Using computers for more business functions and/or more intensively for these business functions can raise the productivity and profitability of small MWEs.
Research Areas Race and equity
Tags Workplace and industry studies Racial and ethnic disparities Women and girls
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population