Journal Article The Affordable Care Act’s Marketplaces Expanded Insurance Coverage For Adults With Chronic Health Conditions
Michael Karpman, Sharon K. Long, Lea Bart
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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) made private nongroup health insurance more accessible to nonelderly adults with chronic conditions, with enrollment growth occurring through the federal and state-based Marketplaces. During the July through December reference period in 2014–15, 45 percent of Marketplace enrollees ages 18–64 were treated for chronic conditions, compared with 35 percent of non-Marketplace nongroup enrollees and 38 percent of adults with employer-sponsored insurance. Marketplace enrollees also had higher service use than other privately insured adults did, which likely contributed to rising premiums in the nongroup market. As repeal of the ACA individual mandate takes effect in 2019, protecting coverage gains for adults with chronic conditions while stabilizing nongroup premiums may depend on state-level efforts to spread the risk of Marketplace enrollees’ health care costs across a balanced insurance pool.
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