Brief Addressing Parents’ Mental Health in Home Visiting Services in Public Housing
Marla McDaniel, S. Darius Tandon, Caroline Heller, Gina Adams, Susan J. Popkin
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This brief offers strategies for service providers in public or assisted housing communities to develop strong home visiting services for highly distressed families battling challenges such as depression, substance abuse, or domestic violence. It also provides information on one strategy in particular—the SCRIPT model—that gives concrete instructions for better serving families’ mental health and other needs in home visiting programs. The brief also offers insights into how the model’s framework could be adapted to allow local communities to respond to their community’s particular needs, challenges, and contexts.
Research Areas Education Health and health care Families Social safety net Children and youth
Tags Families with low incomes Early childhood education Kids in context Neighborhoods and youth development Early childhood home visiting
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population