Research Report Addressing Deep and Persistent Poverty: A Framework for Philanthropic Planning and Investment
Laudan Y. Aron, Wendy Jacobson, Margery Austin Turner
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The JPB Foundation engaged the Urban Institute to provide background on the problem of deep and persistent poverty in the United States. This paper summarizes the history of US antipoverty policies, synthesizes existing knowledge about poverty and deep poverty, and presents a framework for understanding the complex and multi-faceted landscape of antipoverty efforts today. It also draws on interviews with over 30 experts, philanthropists, and thought leaders in the field to review and distill the most current thinking about promising strategies for tackling deep and persistent poverty. Drawing on these facts and insights, we present a series of questions and choices that any foundation wishing to invest in this area would be well-advised to consider.
Research Areas Nonprofits and philanthropy Social safety net
Tags Welfare and safety net programs Foundations and philanthropy
Policy Centers Income and Benefits Policy Center