As Urban celebrates a 50-year legacy of impact, we are also challenging ourselves to continue using the power of evidence to support families’ economic security, promote racial and economic justice, and revitalize communities. Today, our society is transforming at a dizzying pace, with technological, demographic, and global economic shifts reshaping how we live and work. Some will benefit from these forces of change, while others risk being left behind. As Urban looks to the future, we are identifying solutions that can advance equity and upward mobility in the decades ahead—and determining what data and evidence would accelerate the most promising ideas. In partnership with philanthropists, activists, policymakers, CEOs, and other agents of change, we are pursuing a vision where all people, regardless of their identity or their zip code, have the chance to thrive in communities that are rich with opportunity.

Providing Evidence to Accelerate Solutions
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Providing Evidence to Accelerate Solutions