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  • Federal Engagements

    Capital for communities

    Our team redesigned Urban’s Opportunity Zone Community Impact Assessment into the Capital for Communities (C4C) Scorecard to help local leaders across sectors evaluate potential economic development projects for racial equity and social impact.

    Using Federal Economic Recovery Funds to Advance Local Inclusive Recovery Goals

    Urban supports leaders in Chicago, Memphis, and Rochester to align federal pandemic-response funds with inclusive and equitable recovery goals. We conduct research on inclusive methods for allocating federal relief dollars, facilitate opportunities for peer learning across cities, and develop data visualization products that track federal funding allocations to communities.

    Equity in Place

    Urban is supporting federal agencies as they implement President Biden’s Justice40 directive and other place-based initiatives by developing a stakeholder-informed policy and practice playbook that elevates best and next practices for maximizing social, environmental, and economic benefits in communities through federal programs.

    Federal Data Infrastructure

    Urban is creating a data guide for applicants competing for funding under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Our guide spotlights the main data sources local leaders need to meet application and reporting requirements for federal alternative transportation grant programs and highlight policy questions for localities to answer that can help ensure funds are distributed equitably. Urban is also analyzing existing environmental justice screening tools across state and local governments with a focus on equity and environmental indicators.

    General Research

    SP2 enables Urban to document, distill and share lessons from SP2 cities to inform and accelerate equitable practices across the country using a variety of publication formats, convenings, and strategic communication.