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  • Registered Apprenticeship Standards Library

    Jump-start your apprenticeship with registered and verified standards. The Registered Apprenticeship Standards Library is an online resource for you to search and build your program using existing apprenticeship training outlines. It is the only resource available with apprenticeship program standards registered at the national and state levels. It also includes new national occupational frameworks, which outline the foundational requirements for how apprentices will learn their occupation and the basic elements needed to register an apprenticeship program.

    Visit the Registered Apprenticeship Standards Library to

    • access available work process schedules and related instruction outlines registered at the state or national levels,
    • find multiple examples of apprenticeship training for an occupation in one place, including examples that use multiple approaches (i.e., time-, hybrid- and competency-based), and
    • search for occupational standards by industry sector, occupation, state, and more.
    Visit the Library


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    RESEARCH Zach Boren and Bhavani Arabandi

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    DEVELOPMENT WorkHands (, Silke Taylor, Jessica Kelly

    EDITING Liza Hagerman

    WRITING Amy Young (AIR) and Layli Whyte-Oliver (AIR)

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