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  • National Occupational Frameworks

    National Occupational Frameworks: Building Blocks for Registered Apprenticeship Programs

    Businesses and other organizations can use National Occupational Frameworks (NOFs) to fast-track their apprenticeship program development using thoroughly vetted and industry-consistent guidelines and practices. The frameworks are reviewed by industry experts and approved by the US Department of Labor (DOL). As the frameworks are developed by Urban and approved by DOL, we will post new NOFs on this website. 

    Each framework focuses on a specific occupation or job role and contains information businesses and others need to design and register new apprenticeship programs or refine or update existing apprenticeships. The information is presented in three sections:

    1. The occupational overview provides a general introduction to the occupation, including alternative job titles and any apprenticeship prerequisites.
    2. The work process schedule outlines the major job functions, competencies, and hours an apprentice completes in a registered apprenticeship program.
    3. The related instruction outline presents considerations for the coursework that apprentices will undertake to supplement their on-the-job learning.

    Eighty National Occupational Frameworks are planned for sectors such as:


    Need more information on how to use the frameworks? 

    National Occupational Frameworks User Guide

    The Urban Institute can answer questions and assist in best using the frameworks to develop and register apprenticeship programs. Representatives from the DOL and State Apprenticeship Agencies are also available to help businesses and others incorporate the frameworks in their registered apprenticeship programs. You may contact Urban about the NOFs at [email protected].

    Have you used the frameworks?

    We would like to learn which National Occupational Frameworks you are using, how you are using the frameworks, and any other feedback you would like to share. We will use this information to help us build and expand the use of the frameworks. Please click here to take a brief 5-minute survey. Thank you for sharing your experience with the frameworks!