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  • What You Need to Get Started

    Before beginning to use the tool, we recommend that users review the full list of questions they will be asked and gather any relevant documents that could help them prepare responses, including site or project plans, business prospectuses, community or neighborhood plans, or environmental impact statements. Users can find a link to the full list of questions by project types on the tool landing page.

    The documents that will be most useful in completing the tool will vary by project phase. Users evaluating projects in later stages of development may be able to rely on filings required for licenses, permits, and other entitlements; projects in earlier stages of planning or development may have fewer documents to reference and thus require more direct consultation with project sponsors and other stakeholders. Users can share their unique project link with others if they need help responding to certain questions.

    As users complete the tool, they will also be directed to tips, resources, and suggestions through links to dialogue boxes labeled “more information” in individual questions. The tool also includes dialogue boxes to define key terms used in questions. All of the resources in the dialogue boxes, as well as other supplemental resources that may be helpful, are available in a Supplemental Resources document on the tool’s landing page.

    Research Areas Economic mobility and inequality Neighborhoods, cities, and metros
    Tags Capital flows Community and economic development Community development finance and CDFIs Equitable development Impact investing Inclusive recovery Neighborhood change Racial and ethnic disparities Racial inequities in neighborhoods and community development
    Policy Centers Research to Action Lab Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center
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