The COVID-19 Crisis Continues to Have Uneven Economic Impact by Race and Ethnicity

Tracking which households are most affected could assist policymakers in targeting their efforts and ensuring an equitable recovery for all.

“No Cops at Pride”: How the Criminal Justice System Harms LGBTQ People

As policymakers and researchers reconsider the future of policing in the US, LGBTQ people, especially people of color, who have been directly affected by police and carceral violence can guide conversations.

What It Would Take for States to Support Renters through the COVID-19 Crisis: A Snapshot of Florida, Michigan, and Idaho

A new analysis reveals the widespread need for rental assistance, both because of hardship stemming from COVID-19 and gaps in assistance that existed before the crisis began.

COVID-19 Action that Centers Black LGBTQ People Can Address Housing Inequities

Addressing structural risk factors, such as chronic homelessness and housing insecurity, is key to creating safe communities where Black LGBTQ people can thrive.

Reimagining an Antiracist America—Starting with Our Neighborhoods

Communities need to dismantle exclusionary barriers and rebalance spending to invest more equitably across neighborhoods.

Expanding Online Use of SNAP Benefits Can Help People Stay Safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic

With an expansion of the online purchasing pilot, policymakers can increase equity and inclusivity in SNAP benefits delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To Stay Stably Housed, Renters Need $16 Billion per Month in Housing Support during the COVID-19 Crisis

New data show how much it would take to alleviate cost burden for renters when COVID-19 relief expires.

New Data Suggest COVID-19 is Widening Housing Disparities by Race and Income

Data show the severity and duration of distress may be longer for households of color, and programs should consider the need for additional time for recovery

Four Ways to Equitably Manage Public Transit Options in a Crisis

Now more than ever, transit decisions must be made with equity in mind to ensure our the vulnerable residents and workers are able to get where they need to go safely.