The Community Solutions Team

The Community Solutions Team (CST) operated in 14 cities from 2012–16 to assist local leaders and institutions in addressing economic development. CSTs were embedded within the mayors’ offices for two years beginning with six pilot cities in 2012, and expanded to an additional eight cities in 2014. CST work included coordinating a federal interagency team focused on leveraging federal resources to advance the city’s economic development goals.

The 14 cities were

  1. Brownsville, TX;
  2. Chester, PA;
  3. Cleveland, OH;
  4. Detroit, MI;
  5. Flint, MI;
  6. Fresno, CA;
  7. Gary, IN;
  8. Macon-Bibb County, GA;
  9. Memphis, TN;
  10. New Orleans, LA;
  11. Rockford, IL;
  12. Rocky Mount, NC;
  13. St. Louis, MO; and
  14. Youngstown, OH.