Lessons from France for Creating Inclusionary Housing by Mandating Citywide Affordability

France’s Urban Solidarity and Renewal (SRU) law has been successful in making the distribution of affordable housing more equitable in terms of evening the availability of subsidized units across municipalities, and it could be a model for the US.

With Limited State and Local Protections, the End of the Federal Eviction Moratorium Puts Millions of Renters at Risk

Expanding state and local protections and accelerating emergency rental assistance is critical to keeping renters in their homes.

Placemaking Strategies Can Promote Greater Racial Equity in Infrastructure Investments

If policymakers want to achieve greater racial equity, they can promote and fund placemaking activities in three key ways that align equitable placemaking with infrastructure investments. 

Expanding Federal Transit Operations Funding Could Help Achieve Equitable Access to Public Transportation

With an equitably minded transit funding program, the US could improve access to mobility, improve quality of life, and help more families travel to essential needs.

Three Strategies to Reach Food Insecure Communities across the Digital Divide

Food assistance programs should implement multiple avenues to overcome technological barriers when engaging with participants.

Congress’s Infrastructure Plan Could Be a Major Step toward Improved Intercity Rail—But Long-Term Commitment and Targeted Investments Are Necessary to Build Ridership

The US could successfully move millions of trips onto trains, which would help the environment and increase access to mobility nationwide.

Four Keys to a Successful Two-Generation Initiative

Over the past decade, there have been renewed investments in and research on two-generation programs that help parents and their children move out of poverty together.

How the Federal Government Can Support Cities and Counties Limited by State Preemption Laws: The Case of Municipal Broadband

Municipal broadband is one example of how the federal government can promote local policy innovation, even in states that tend to preempt a broader range of local laws.

Three Ways States and Localities Can Get Rental Assistance to People Faster

How states and localities can get funds out to residents facing evictions when the moratorium is lifted.

Food Sovereignty Can Advance Racial Equity and Climate Resilience

Three strategies to expand food sovereignty in order to advance food security, racial equity, and climate resilience.