Five Strategies to Help America’s Renters

Many 2020 presidential candidates have introduced legislation to tackle the affordable housing crisis.

When Employment Is Unstable or Low-Paying, Work Requirements Don’t Lift People from Poverty

Temporary or contractual jobs that lack benefits, job security, and child care present challenges to public housing residents.

Five Ways the HEARTH Act Changed Homelessness Assistance

The HEARTH Act accelerated the shift from shelter to Housing First.

What Do We Still Need to Know about Work Requirements in Public Housing Agencies?

Most Chicago Housing Authority residents subject to work requirements were compliant.

Bangor, Maine, Residents Show the Importance of Supporting Each Other’s Economic Goals

Families Forward is an innovative two-generation program operated by BangorHousing, a small public housing authority.

America’s Housing Is Getting More Crowded. How Will That Affect Children?

Living in a crowded home can negatively affect academic performance and physical and mental health.

BangorHousing Shows How Small Housing Authorities Can Be More than Property Managers

There are many stories about housing authorities large and small that fail their tenants. BangorHousing’s story offers a different perspective.

Fighting Housing Discrimination in 2019

Facebook’s approach to housing ads illustrates how housing discrimination continues to evolve.

Dismantling the Harmful, False Narrative That Homelessness Is a Choice

This myth enables apathy and maintains the nation’s status quo of too many people experiencing homelessness in an affordable housing crisis.

Is income inequality a good measure of equity in cities?

Income inequality may be a good measure of equity at the national level, where borders are more rigid and migration is difficult, but it is not as useful at the city level.