To increase employment among housing-assisted families, don’t pull the rug out from under them

The administration’s budget for fiscal year 2019 proposes to permit work requirements and raise rents in federal public housing.

Work requirements and housing: What we don’t know could hurt us

The administration is considering expanding work requirements for able-bodied adults who receive housing assistance.

Can a community land trust give long-term residents a foothold in a changing neighborhood?

Washington, DC's 11th Street Bridge Park demonstrates the possibilities and challenges of development.

An innovative model for reducing gaps in homeownership

Issuing two mortgages for one home can help people who don't have enough money for a large down payment.

Why HUD should help communities think regionally about segregation

HUD recently suspended a rule that requires local governments to look at patterns of segregation within their borders.

Why we need to expand, not restrict, access to housing assistance

Only one in five renter households who qualify for public housing receive the help they need.

Year in review: How the federal safety net changed in 2017

Although some of the promised legislative reforms did not materialize, 2017 saw significant changes for several programs affecting low-income families.

As we face a growing threat of natural disasters, why is the administration chipping away at resilience efforts?

Efforts to ensure that America is prepared for extreme weather events and climate change are on the chopping block.

Federal uncertainty could threaten progress in combating veteran homelessness

The VA backtracked plans to reallocate funds from a program that helps homeless veterans, but changes remain a possibility.

Supporting local businesses can help revitalize neighborhoods

Most research on changing neighborhoods focuses on residents, but local businesses are also at risk of displacement.