PROJECTUnderstanding HUD’s Moving to Work Demonstration: A Retrospective Evaluation

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  • Overview of Moving to Work Agencies

    As a group, MTW agencies tend to be larger than typical traditional PHAs and are more likely to operate both public housing and HCV programs. Most of the MTW agencies are in densely populated central cities, rather than in suburban or exurban areas. Of the 39 MTW PHAs, 24 are in the principal city of a major metropolitan area.



    In 2016, the 39 MTW agencies accounted for approximately 12 percent of all households assisted by PHAs nationally, an increase from 8 percent of all assisted households in 2008. This reflects a combination of increases in the number of MTW agencies, an increase in the total number of households served by MTW agencies over time, and a slight decline in the number of households served by the traditional PHAs.

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