Washington, DC

Benning Terrace

BT REACH targets 160 households with children between the ages of 9 and 18 to provide intensive case management and clinical mental health services to both youth and adults. Adult services aim to address such needs as rent delinquency, unemployment, substance abuse, mental or physical health challenges, and low literacy levels, while youth services aim to improve such educational and behavioral outcomes as truancy and graduation rates. PASS, using a community-based participatory research model, will target all 300 youth with programming designed to decrease teen pregnancy, risky sexual behavior, and sexual assault or coercion. Committees made of adult and youth residents will decide, through a needs assessment and rigorous screening process, which service providers should implement a sexual health and safety curriculum on site for targeted youth.

Target population
Benning Terrace households with youth between the ages of 9 and 18

Number of households

Ratio of case managers to households

Service provider
East River Family Strengthening Collaborative

Site-specific youth program focus
Promoting Adolescent Sexual Health or lower and Safety (PASS) for youth age 9–18