Portland, Oregon

Home Forward, New Columbia and Humboldt Gardens

Few demonstrations model a range of service delivery options for public housing residents, and even fewer focus on those deemed hardest to house.

Home Forward is the largest provider of affordable housing in Oregon, serving over 15,000 households throughout Multnomah County. It was selected as a HOST partner because of the success of its self-sufficiency programs, the diverse demographics of New Columbia and Humboldt Gardens, and its high percentage of non-English-speaking residents. In order to serve a diverse population of African and Latino immigrants, the Portland HOST team offers culturally specific programs designed to help youth achieve in school, support adults in the workplace, and empower the community to rely on its own strengths. Early results are showing greater housing and financial stability, increased youth involvement in activities during and after school, and unprecedented levels of family engagement.

Target population
Multicultural families at 0 to 30 percent of median family income

Number of households

Ratio of case managers to households

Adult service providers
Home Forward, Innovative Changes, Worksystems, Inc.

Youth service providers
JDP Consultants, Portland Public Schools

Site-specific youth program focus
Improving attendance, behavior, and achievement at school among children in grades K through six