Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Housing Authority, Altgeld Gardens

Few demonstrations model a range of service delivery options for public housing residents, and even fewer focus on those deemed hardest to house.

At the Chicago HOST site, the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) contracted two organizations, UCAN and Project Match, to serve 230 mostly African American families at Altgeld Gardens, a large, isolated public housing development on the south side of Chicago. UCAN has been supporting vulnerable children and families in Chicago for nearly 150 years. Both youth and adults are engaging in HOST at unprecedented levels, and practitioners are reporting fewer lease violations, higher employment rates, increased volunteering, greater youth involvement in school and extracurricular activities, and even efforts by families to save money for a home or to start a business.

Target population
Households out of compliance with CHA employment requirements

Number of households

Ratio of case managers to households

Adult service provider

Youth service providers
Project Match, UCAN

Site-specific youth program focus
Pathways to reward, an incentive-based, goal-setting curriculum