How Community-Based Organizations Serve Trauma Survivors in Women’s Prisons

Most women enter prisons and jails with trauma or posttraumatic stress disorder and victimization experiences. Correctional institutions can’t provide the assistance they need, but other organizations can.

Three Evidence Gaps We Need to Fill to Better Support Survivors of Mass Violence and Terrorism

Mass violence events are traumatic for survivors and communities, and current evidence gaps make it more difficult to effectively respond tosupport survivors’ recovery.

Four Months after Protests Peaked, Did Four Cities Keep Their Promises to Cut Police Funding?

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Five Service Provider Insights on Victimization Costs

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How Women’s Prisons Can Reduce Trauma for Parents and Pregnant People in Custody

A new study explored how women’s prisons assist pregnant people and parents as one component of their approach to addressing prior and in-custody trauma.

State Innovations through the Justice Reinvestment Initiative

Key to the Justice Reinvestment Initiative is a tailored approach reflecting each state’s challenges and strengths.

Criminal Justice Finance in the COVID-19 Recession and Beyond

Budget choices are happening now, and policymakers have an opportunity to enact equitable, effective, and lasting public safety reforms.

Students with Disabilities Can’t Just Be an Afterthought This Fall

Without uniform guidance for returning to school this fall, education stakeholders will need to consult the evidence to decide what is best for their students.

The Problem Is Not the Criminal Justice Risk Assessment Tool: It’s Systemic Racism

It is important to recognize that these tools do not operate apart from the justice system or the systemic issues that plague it.

Invest in Black Lives to Protect Black Lives: How the Public Sector Can Reduce Crime and Victimization

Right now and for decades to come, public officials can work to right the wrongs that continue to lead to high crime and victimization in Black neighborhoods.