Why criminal justice reform must address long prison terms

The first episode of Urban’s new podcast explores the research on long prison terms and mass incarceration.

The effects of long-term and mass incarceration are felt from Milwaukee to Washington, DC

A recent documentary shares the stories of families living in a high-crime Milwaukee neighborhood.

Where have all the data gone? The effects of the FBI’s decision to reduce public access to crime data

In its annual dissemination of crime statistics, the FBI published 70 percent fewer data tables.

Native Americans deserve more attention in the police violence conversation

The death of 14-year-old Jason Pero is the latest of at least 19 Native Americans shot or tasered by police in 2017.

The Sexual Assault Justice Initiative could help #MeToo create lasting change

Only one-third of sexual assault crimes were reported to the police in 2015.

Five reasons mass incarceration is a queer issue

Mass incarceration profoundly affects the most vulnerable people in the queer community.

It takes more than “Coffee with a Cop” to build relationships

To fix relationships between law enforcement and communities, we must understand how troubled those relationships are.

Do cops need military equipment to fight crime?

We need data on the scope of police militarization and how items acquired by law enforcement agencies are being employed.

Latinx immigrant crime victims fear seeking help

Latinx immigrants are more likely to be victims of certain crimes compared with nonimmigrants, but they face barriers accessing victim services.

Is jail growth only a plight in cities? How small and rural counties are tackling jail reform

A report by the Vera Institute of Justice reveals that rural counties are one of the main drivers of jail growth across the country.