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    Jesse Jannetta, TJC Project Director
    Urban Institute

    Patricia Taylor, TJC Project Manager
    National Institute of Corrections

    Danny Downes, TJC Senior Advisor
    National Institute of Corrections

    Janeen Buck Willison, TJC Evaluation Director
    Urban Institute

    Kevin Warwick, TJC Site Liaison & Technical Assistance Provider
    Alternative Solutions Associates

    Hannah Dodd, TJC Project Manager & Evaluation Liason
    Urban Institute

    Gary Christensen, TJC Technical Assistance Provider
    Corrections Partners, Inc. &
    Former Administrator, Dutchess County (NY) Jail

    Jeff Mellow, TJC Evaluation Advisor
    John Jay College of Criminal Justice

    John Clark , TJC Pretrial Practices Advisor
    Pretrial Justice Institute

    Deborah Mayer , TJC Evaluation Liason
    Urban Institute

    Cybele Kotonias , Evaluation Liason Urban Institute

    Shebani Rao , TJC Implementation Staff Urban Institute

    Aaron Horvath , TJC Implementation Staff
    Urban Institute


    Michael Ashe
    Hampden County (MA) Sheriff’s Office

    Peggy Burke
    Center for Effective Public Policy

    Andrea J. Cabral
    Suffolk County (MA) Sheriff's Office

    John Clark
    Chief Executive Officer
    Jail Health Consultations, Inc

    John Creuzot
    Dallas (TX) Criminal District Court

    Randy Demory
    Kent County (MI) Sheriff's Dept.

    Dot Faust
    Correctional Program Specialist
    National Institute of Corrections

    Ed Gil De Rubio
    Former County Manager
    Sullivan County (NH)

    Ellen Halbert
    Director, Victim Witness Division
    Travis Country (TX) District Attorney’s Office

    Frank Hecht
    Corrections Administrator
    Tohono O'odham Nation Police Dept (AZ)

    Scott Hoke
    Cedar Crest College

    Virginia Hutchinson
    Chief, Jails Division
    National Institute of Corrections

    Gary Kempker
    Senior Manager
    Center for Effective Public Policy

    Steve Leifman
    Special Advisor on Criminal Justice and Mental Health
    Supreme Court of Florida &
    Associate Administrative Judge
    Miami-Dade (FL) County Court

    Glenn Martin
    Vice President of Policy and Advocacy
    Fortune Society

    Kenneth Massey
    Undersheriff of Corrections
    Douglas County (KS) Sheriff's Office

    Fahy Mullaney (Facilitator)

    Paul Mulloy
    Director of Treatment Services
    Davidson County (TN) Sheriff's Office

    Lisa Naito
    Former Commissioner, District 3
    Multnomah County (OR) Commission

    Fred Osher
    Director, Health Systems and Health Services Policy
    Council of State Governments Justice Center

    Jacqueline Robarge
    Power Inside

    Tom Roy
    Arrowhead Regional Corrections (MN)

    Judy Sachwald
    Former Director
    Maryland Division of Parole and Probation

    Gwyn Smith-Ingley
    Executive Director
    American Jail Association

    Frank Squillante
    Assistant Chief, Special Operations
    New York City Department of Correction

    Arthur Wallenstein
    Montgomery County (MD) Department of Correction and Rehabilitation

    Carl Wicklund
    Executive Director
    American Probation and Parole Association

    Joseph Williams
    New Creations Community Outreach

    Fred Wilson
    Director, Operations and Support Services
    National Sheriffs' Association

    Rusty York
    Fort Wayne (IN) Police Department

    Policy Centers Justice Policy Center