Say African American or Black, but first acknowledge the persistence of structural racism

Black History Month is an opportunity to confront racism and structural disadvantages faced by black people in the United States.

It took more than a rocket scientist to launch Falcon Heavy into space

The workforce behind the launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket is diverse in skills and education.

Justifications for slashing family-based visas are not supported by evidence

Immigration reform should be based on evidence and an appreciation for immigrants’ contributions to the country.

Three million Americans are disconnected from higher education

Expanding broadband to rural American communities could also expand educational opportunities.

Affluent households owe the most student debt

Student loan borrowers aren't necessarily less well off than those without student debt.

Large uncertainty under the PROSPER Act’s proposed student loan accountability metric

The House Republicans' bill proposes a substantial change to the way colleges are held accountable for the outcomes of their student borrowers.

Will stricter education requirements for early childhood educators hurt teacher diversity?

Lower requirements have contributed to lower salaries for early childhood educators, compared to K–12 teachers.

Changes to graduate lending policy are long overdue

House Republicans have endorsed a bill that would reduce the availability of federal loans for grad students. Is that a bad thing?

How to define a map’s bins to visualize your data

Conscious, purposeful decisions can help readers reach conclusions and gain insights from the data.

Black doctoral students face financing problems even without a tax on tuition benefits

Controversy over a provision in the tax overhaul bill put a spotlight on how graduate students finance their education.