Fairness, Not Just Accuracy, Is Vital to the 2020 Census

Improperly representing certain groups can alter our view of the nation and exacerbate existing inequities.

How federal child care subsidy policies can help low-income families maintain consistent care

The CCDF Policies Database is a resource for analyzing current and future policies and assessing how states respond to evolving priorities.

Proposal to Restrict SNAP Time Limit Waivers Should Consider Factors beyond Unemployment Rates

The proposed rule would make it more difficult for states to obtain waivers and subject more people to work requirements in areas with limited economic opportunities.

The Robots Are Coming. Career Pathways Programs Can Help Us Prepare.

Career pathways have the potential to lead low-skill workers to higher-quality jobs over time.

MLB Salaries Are Yet Another Way to Visualize Growing Economic Inequality

Mike Trout may sign the largest contract in sports history, a $430 million, 12-year extension with the Los Angeles Angels.

An Underfunded 2020 Census Puts an Accurate Count at Risk

A predictable funding stream is important for a successful census, but the 2020 Census has lacked this from the start.

The college admissions scandal shows the US is far from a meritocracy

The scandal represents a new extreme of a flawed system that benefits wealthy families.

A new bill aims to tackle Social Security’s financial problems

Most lawmakers agree that Social Security needs reform, as the program now spends more than it collects.

The social safety net in 2019: four trends to watch in SNAP

The Trump administration has signaled interest in tightening up waivers for SNAP work requirements.

Can labor unions help close the black-white wage gap?

After nearly half a century of declining union membership, collective bargaining may be primed for a comeback.