Will Older Adults Return to the Workforce?

More adults age 65 and older left the labor force in 2020 than in any year since the US began tracking such information in 1948.

Child Care Subsidies Can Provide Critical Support to Families during Unemployment

The Child Care and Development Fund is one possible source of support for parents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Policymakers Can Enact a Paid Family and Medical Leave Program and Honor the Biden-Harris Tax Pledge

The vast scope of the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for a comprehensive national paid leave benefit.

Increasing the Child Tax Credit Could Drastically Reduce Child Poverty

The pandemic has made some lawmakers reconsider the amount of credit available and the way it’s delivered.

Strengthening Paid Leave Policies Could Yield Positive Work and Health Outcomes

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown people respond differently to a health shock. For workers experiencing extended hardship, return to work services are vital.

Expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit Could Provide Financial Security for Millions of Workers without Children

Expansion of the earned income tax credit would allow childless workers to receive critical income support and would improve equity between families with children and those considered childless.

Building Power for Freelance Arts Workers—and All Independent Contractors—Will Make Them More Resilient to Economic Shocks

Low wages, wage theft, and unstable employment leave freelance arts workers in precarious conditions.

States Can Use TANF Diversion Payments to Provide Critical Support to Families in Crisis

Tracking TANF diversion programs and understanding how they operate can help policymakers ensure more families get the relief they need.

Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs Deserve a Chance to Thrive

Encouraging experimentation with new forms of work-based learning will lead to a more robust apprenticeship system.