More than Half a Million SNAP Recipients Could Lose Benefits over Time under Proposed Poverty Measure

The Trump administration has proposed changing how inflation is measured when setting federal poverty thresholds.

Congress’s Proposed Effort to Encourage Retirement Savings Ignores Larger Threats to Retirement Security

Late last month, the House overwhelmingly passed the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act.

A Better Measure of Inflation Doesn’t Mean a Better Measure of Poverty

The Trump administration is proposing to change the way the US officially measures poverty.

With Public Charge Rule Looming, One in Seven Adults in Immigrant Families Reported Avoiding Public Benefit Programs in 2018

A new report provides evidence of “chilling effects” on immigrant families’ participation in safety net programs.

A Closer Look at Youth in 11 LRNG Partner Cities

LRNG encourages youth across 11 partner cities to earn digital badges on an online learning platform.

What Conventional Approaches to Fixing Social Security Are Missing

The Congressional Budget Office recently released an interactive tool in which users can select options to fix Social Security.

Paid Leave Is a Worthy Goal, but so Is a Secure Retirement

Policymakers have developed proposals that would use Social Security to fund paid parental leave.

Fairness, Not Just Accuracy, Is Vital to the 2020 Census

Improperly representing certain groups can alter our view of the nation and exacerbate existing inequities.

How federal child care subsidy policies can help low-income families maintain consistent care

The CCDF Policies Database is a resource for analyzing current and future policies and assessing how states respond to evolving priorities.

Proposal to Restrict SNAP Time Limit Waivers Should Consider Factors beyond Unemployment Rates

The proposed rule would make it more difficult for states to obtain waivers and subject more people to work requirements in areas with limited economic opportunities.