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Community colleges and their students have a shared interest in accelerated learning.

When Targeting Food Insecurity, Don’t Forget Teens and College Students

School resuming after the holidays can be a welcome return for young people facing food insecurity.

Kentucky Addresses a Key Weakness in Many Prison Apprenticeship Programs

Job seekers recently released from prison face challenges that make landing a job extremely difficult.

Using Data Walks to Spur Community Conversations around the Realities of Food Insecurity

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Why We Need to Reach Young People Who Are Disconnected from School and Work

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Innovative Analytics Could Inform Efforts to Help Workers with Disabilities Stay Employed

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Tech-Enhanced Instruction May Help College Students Succeed—But There Is More to Learn

A new Urban Institute report finds potential for technology-enhanced instruction, but the results do not hold in community colleges.

Colder States Would Lose More SNAP Benefits under Proposed Changes

A proposal would change the way states consider utility costs, which can include winter heating bills, when determining eligibility for SNAP.

Public Workers Not Covered by Social Security Face Greater Burdens in Financing Retirement

Lawmakers in dozens of states have reduced pension benefits for workers including firefighters and teachers.