Tech-Enhanced Instruction May Help College Students Succeed—But There Is More to Learn

A new Urban Institute report finds potential for technology-enhanced instruction, but the results do not hold in community colleges.

Colder States Would Lose More SNAP Benefits under Proposed Changes

A proposal would change the way states consider utility costs, which can include winter heating bills, when determining eligibility for SNAP.

Public Workers Not Covered by Social Security Face Greater Burdens in Financing Retirement

Lawmakers in dozens of states have reduced pension benefits for workers including firefighters and teachers.

Administration’s SNAP Proposal Could Affect Free School Lunch—And Now We Know How Much

Schools using the Community Eligibility Provision to provide free lunch to all students could be affected by a recent proposal.

Untangling Medication Management for Low-Income Patients in Harlem

A fragmented health care environment is often the root of medication mismanagement, especially for low-income people.

Administration’s SNAP Proposal Could Also Limit Access to Free School Lunch

Eliminating broad-based categorical eligibility could cut students and schools off from critical assistance.

Children, Seniors, and Families Would Lose SNAP Benefits under a Trump Administration Proposal

A recent proposal would limit states’ ability to increase SNAP's income limits set at the federal level.

How We Define “Middle Class” Has Broad Implications

A popular article highlighted stories from American families with incomes ranging from $75,000 to $400,000.

Now Hiring: Digital Literacy Skills Required

The most recent national data show that 67 percent of adults were not digitally literate in 2012.

Expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit Can Support Older Working Americans

Staying in the workforce longer can help seniors make ends meet and improve their retirement security.