The Pandemic Is Making It Difficult for Mom-and-Pop Landlords to Maintain Their Properties

Assistance could be a lifeline for many tenants and landlords, providing vital funding for much-needed preservation of their homes and properties.  

Increasing Diversity in the Appraisal Profession Combined with Short-Term Solutions Can Help Address Valuation Bias for Homeowners of Color

Addressing the lack of diversity in the appraiser industry could improve outcomes for Black and Hispanic communities.

With Just a Month Left of the Eviction Moratorium, Many Mom-and-Pop Landlords and Tenants Are Still Unaware of Federal Rental Assistance

New survey data found that many landlords and tenants are still unaware of the assistance, and confusion about how to access it abounds.

Low-Density Infill’s Role in Fixing Los Angeles’s Housing Supply Shortage

Three characteristics about the city’s low-density housing stock can help policymakers evaluate whether, when, where, and how to encourage private developers to build more infill housing.

Goal Setting and Data Benchmarking Can Help Narrow the Racial Homeownership Gap

To increase homeownership among Black households, leaders must unify around a shared goal that can provide guidance for defining and measuring progress.

More Asian Americans Are Becoming Homeowners, but They Still Face Barriers in the Housing Market

Asian households face discrimination that hinders their ability to become homeowners and build generational wealth.

In the Twin Cities, Affordable Homeownership Is Increasingly Inaccessible for Black Families

The inequities Black families experience in the Twin Cities illustrates the larger systemic barriers surrounding race and opportunity in the United States.

The Tight Housing Market Boxes Out Government-Insured Borrowers, Widening Homeownership Gaps

Data show that flat-out rejection of buyers seeking government-backed loans disadvantages households with lower incomes, lower credit scores, and less wealth, many of whom are people of color.

If America Is Going to Address Housing Affordability, It Needs to Increase Access to Homeownership

It is cheaper to buy a home than it is to rent in two-thirds of US counties. Homeownership can provide the kind of affordability and stability low-income families need.