First-time homebuyers will continue to dominate the mortgage market

Compared with repeat buyers, first-timers have dominated the mortgage market for the past 10 years.

What’s preventing millennials from buying homes?

In 2015, the millennial homeownership rate was 8 percentage points lower than previous generations at the same age.

Is homeownership inherited? A tale of three millennials

A child’s likelihood of being a homeowner increases 8.4 percentage points if their parents are homeowners.

Why do lenders deny small-dollar mortgages at higher rates?

Only a quarter of homes sold for $70,000 or less in 2015 were financed with a mortgage.

Four ways financing differs for manufactured homes

Manufactured homes could help ease the affordable housing crisis, but borrowers' financing options can be confusing.

Streamlining increases the success of mortgage modifications by 34 percent

Fannie Mae created the streamlined modification program to help more borrowers in distress avoid foreclosure.

The state of millennial homeownership

If the homeownership rate for millennials had stayed the same as previous generations, there would be about 3.4 million more homeowners today.

More mortgages for manufactured homes could mean more affordable housing

Most manufactured homebuyers use chattel loans rather than more affordable mortgage loans to finance their purchase.

Boston’s housing market, in three charts

Boston's city center has surged in popularity, leaving prices to lag in historically popular suburbs.

Ten years after the crash, what is the state of the housing market?

Some responses to the crisis remain incomplete, while others have been too severe, contributing to new problems.