Three Ways to Help 3.2 Million Struggling Homeowners

Vulnerable homeowners need better policies to enhance their financial resilience to weather COVID-19 and future crises.

Delinquent Homeowners in Neighborhoods of Color Are Less Likely to Be Protected by Forbearance

Unprotected homeowners of color are feeling the impact of the recession, and the long-term effects could delay their recovery.

Low-Income Renters and Renters in Their Prime Working Years Urgently Need More Federal Assistance

Data suggest that the financial burden for many renters is increasing as the pandemic continues and as future labor market conditions and additional government assistance remain uncertain.

Mounting Pressures on Mom-and-Pop Landlords Could Spell Trouble for the Affordable Rental Market

Landlords are facing increased vacancies, decreased rent collections, and more pressure to sell their properties.

Why It’s So Hard to Own a Home in Newark, New Jersey

Understanding barriers to homeownership in Newark can help us better understand how to reduce the racial homeownership gap in other cities.

Understanding the Impact of Property Taxes Is Critical for Effective Local Policymaking

Two case studies shed light on the interplay between property taxes, housing supply, and residential mobility.

Appraisal Waivers Have Helped Homeowners Find Payment Flexibility Amid Pandemic-Induced Economic Struggles

For many homeowners, the increased use of appraisal waivers has provided a tangible financial benefit during COVID-19.

Evictions Are on Pause, but Many Renters Still Can’t Pay

Renters in every state still need additional rental assistance, even after receiving unemployment benefits.

A Broader Outreach Strategy Would Help 400,000 Needlessly Delinquent Mortgage Borrowers

Approximately 400,000 homeowners who became delinquent after the pandemic began have forgone forbearance and become delinquent.

Proposition 15 Won't Worsen California’s Housing Crisis

Proposition 15 might moderately increase housing supply, but because it affects so few properties, it can’t solve California’s housing crisis.