The CARES Act Eviction Moratorium Covers All Federally Financed Rentals—That’s One in Four US Rental Units

This protection can help stabilize renters during an economically precarious time, but it doesn’t cover everyone.

The Price Tag for Keeping 29 Million Families in Their Homes: $162 Billion

This funding will keep renters and homeowners housed for the next three to six months, giving them time to recover from the massive COVID-19 shock and reducing the likelihood of a full-blown housing market collapse.

We Must Act Quickly to Protect Millions of Vulnerable Renters

Current actions are not nearly enough to ensure renters can remain in their homes.

Is the 2020 Toolkit for Helping Homeowners in Crisis Better Than What We Had in 2008?

The economic downturn resulting from COVID-19 will be the first time our current loss mitigation toolkit is tested in real time.

Institutional Investors Brought Higher Home Prices and Lower Vacancies to the Housing Recovery

Understanding institutional investors’ role is key to understanding changes in home prices, rents, homeownership rates, and vacancy rates.

Evidence Shows Military Service Reduces the Racial Homeownership Gap

Cities near large military bases have narrowed the racial homeownership gap.

Breaking Down the Black-White Homeownership Gap

A recent report quantifies how major factors are linked to the racial homeownership gap.

Reverse Mortgage Use Differs by Race and Ethnicity. Here’s Why It Matters

Borrowers' use of varying mortgage lending products should be considered when improving federal programs.