Labor Conditions Are a Big Factor in Our Current Housing Supply Challenges

Scarce and more expensive labor is a key contributor to the high cost of housing construction.

The Community Reinvestment Act Faces Major Changes, but Regulators Are Not Aligned

Regulators, banks, and community advocates all agree that the Community Reinvestment Act could better support low-income communities.

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What’s Behind the Dramatic Improvement in the Federal Housing Administration’s MMI Fund?

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Not Every Household Feels Relief amid Our Record-Low National Household Debt Service Ratio

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Four Ways Technology Is Addressing the Housing Affordability Crisis

Brian Brooks recently outlined how the tech sector is addressing the housing sector’s supply and demand mismatch.

Good News for the Next Economic Downturn: Home Equity Use Is Low

The $29.1 trillion value of the US housing market is at a historic high, but mortgage debt held by homeowners is stable.