What Different Denial Rates Can Tell Us About Racial Disparities in the Mortgage Market

Identifying disparities and their causes can lead to strategies to help people get over financing barriers, address the legacies of racist policies and practices, and tap into the security and wealth-building power of homeownership

How Can Policymakers Ensure the Homeowner Assistance Fund Reaches People in Need?

A combination of loss mitigation solutions and Homeowner Assistance Fund dollars will support a more robust recovery.How Can Policymakers Ensure the Homeowner Assistance Fund Reaches People in Need?

California’s New Zoning Law Eases Building Restrictions but Depends on the Financing Industry to Play its Part

Lifting legal roadblocks alone will not guarantee an influx of additional or affordable housing. Homeowners and small developers need access to the financing necessary to build new infill units.

Why Does Homeownership Vary So Widely within the AAPI Community?

By 2060, the AAPI population is expected to surpass 38 million. Before then, policymakers and researchers need to better understand the disparities among this diverse community if they want to eliminate barriers to accessing homeownership.

Racial Homeownership Rates Vary across the Most Commonly Cited Datasets. When and Why Should You Use Different Ones?

Without a common understanding of the differences between data sources, the size of the racial homeownership gap will be unclear, and we can’t begin closing it.

Uneven Recoveries Can Build Long-Term Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Housing

With a predominately Black and Hispanic population, Newark, New Jersey, provides a case study of how economic recessions can cause disparate long-term inequities by race and ethnicity.

Is Housing Wealth Equitable in Your City?

White households have nearly three times more housing wealth than households of color, a trend new research shows extends to 96 percent of US cities with sufficient data.

Households of Color Represent a Third of the Nation’s Households, but They Own Only a Quarter of Its Housing Wealth

Disparities in homeownership rates and home values limit the ability of households of color to both achieve homeownership and benefit from it.

As Renter Protections End, Emergency Rental Assistance Is Critical. Why Haven’t More Landlords and Tenants Applied for It?

Better outreach and a more streamlined application process could help more landlords and tenants access the assistance they need.

Asian Americans Face Systemic Higher Mortgage Denial Rates Despite Having Stronger Credit Profiles

The gap in denial rates between Asian and white mortgage applicants bucks conventional indicators, as Asian applicants, on average, have higher credit scores.