Moving to a 70 Percent Income Replacement for Unemployment Insurance Benefits Will Disproportionately Hurt Low-Income Renters

Under a 70 percent income replacement, a new analysis finds households with higher incomes would see a big increase in monthly benefits, while households with lower incomes would see a sharp decline.

To Significantly Increase Access to Capital for Communities of Color, We Need to Support Black Banks and All CDFIs

All financial institutions could better serve the Black community. But CDFIs are already well positioned to make a difference in neighborhoods of color.

Reducing the Amount of Federal Unemployment Insurance Would Increase Rent Burden for Millions of Households

As federal, state, and local eviction moratoria expire, extending unemployment insurance would reduce the risk of eviction for families whose employment has not returned.

Under the Current CRA Rules, Banks Earn Most of Their CRA Credit through Community Development and Single-Family Mortgage Lending

A new analysis of what counts toward Community Reinvestment Act lending in 2018 found only modest changes from 2016 in the ranking of loan types.

The OCC’s New CRA Regulations Put Banks Ahead of Communities

Tying evaluation to the importance of the activity to the bank ignores the fact that many activities constituting a small share of the bank’s business have an outsize importance to the bank’s community.  

What It Would Take for States to Support Renters through the COVID-19 Crisis: A Snapshot of Florida, Michigan, and Idaho

A new analysis reveals the widespread need for rental assistance, both because of hardship stemming from COVID-19 and gaps in assistance that existed before the crisis began.

To Understand a City’s Pace of Gentrification, Look at Its Housing Supply

Data show that when even affluent buyers must stretch to become homeowners, they are likely to look to low- and moderate-income neighborhoods to purchase homes.

To Stay Stably Housed, Renters Need $16 Billion per Month in Housing Support during the COVID-19 Crisis

New data show how much it would take to alleviate cost burden for renters when COVID-19 relief expires.

New Data Suggest COVID-19 is Widening Housing Disparities by Race and Income

Data show the severity and duration of distress may be longer for households of color, and programs should consider the need for additional time for recovery

Housing Supply Constraints from before the Pandemic Will Worsen Inequality as We Start to Recover

These constraints will hamper our ability to bring all households out of the crisis and onto the road to a full recovery.