Boston’s housing market, in three charts

Boston's city center has surged in popularity, leaving prices to lag in historically popular suburbs.

Ten years after the crash, what is the state of the housing market?

Some responses to the crisis remain incomplete, while others have been too severe, contributing to new problems.

The Bay Area’s housing crisis, in four charts

The Bay Area's epic housing crisis will likely continue to squeeze homeowners across the income spectrum out of the market.

Failure to fund system upgrades at the FHA could cost taxpayers $41 million

In 2016, the Federal Housing Administration insured approximately 9,507 mortgages for ineligible borrowers.

Expanding small-dollar mortgages can put homeownership in reach for more families

New research on existing low-cost single-family homes shows a lack of mortgage financing available to purchase them.

Proposal to limit mortgage data collection would not help rural, vulnerable areas

The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act makes it possible to track important trends in mortgage lending.

The case for expanding access to mortgage credit, and one way to do it

6.3 million borrowers who could have obtained loans under reasonable lending standards were not served from 2009 to 2015.

Rental pay history should be used to assess the creditworthiness of mortgage borrowers

Traditional credit scoring does not account for borrowers who pay their rent on time month after month.

Will fintech innovation benefit borrowers of all incomes?

A postcrisis burst of innovation is bringing exciting changes to a variety of traditional financial services.

Fannie Mae’s efforts to ease mortgage access show how hard it is to balance risk and access

Well-intentioned efforts to improve credit availability can run into roadblocks, and need transparency to succeed.