Appraisal Waivers Have Helped Homeowners Find Payment Flexibility Amid Pandemic-Induced Economic Struggles

For many homeowners, the increased use of appraisal waivers has provided a tangible financial benefit during COVID-19.

Evictions Are on Pause, but Many Renters Still Can’t Pay

Renters in every state still need additional rental assistance, even after receiving unemployment benefits.

A Broader Outreach Strategy Would Help 400,000 Needlessly Delinquent Mortgage Borrowers

Approximately 400,000 homeowners who became delinquent after the pandemic began have forgone forbearance and become delinquent.

Proposition 15 Won't Worsen California’s Housing Crisis

Proposition 15 might moderately increase housing supply, but because it affects so few properties, it can’t solve California’s housing crisis.

Black and Hispanic Landlords Are Facing Great Financial Struggles because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. They Also Support Their Tenants at Higher Rates.

For landlords who are struggling to pay mortgages and are disproportionately people of color, additional policies could alleviate their financial burdens.  

22 Million Renters and Owners of Manufactured Homes Are Mostly Left Out of Pandemic Assistance

Occupants of manufactured homes work in industries and occupations that are most vulnerable to COVID-19.

Six Facts You Should Know about Current Mortgage Forbearances

More data can help policymakers better understand how to support homeowners during the pandemic.

Why It’s Harder to Offer Mortgage Assistance to 3 Million Borrowers with Private Loans

Two borrowers with similar circumstances often receive different treatment because different entities own their loans.

Owners and Renters of 6.2 Million Units in Small Buildings Are Particularly Vulnerable during the Pandemic

Small-building landlords and renters need additional financial support—quickly—as the crisis continues.

Moving to a 70 Percent Income Replacement for Unemployment Insurance Benefits Will Disproportionately Hurt Low-Income Renters

Under a 70 percent income replacement, a new analysis finds households with higher incomes would see a big increase in monthly benefits, while households with lower incomes would see a sharp decline.