FHA’s Distressed Asset Stabilization Program Should Be Improved, Not Abandoned

Selling pools of severely delinquent loans to investors can help the FHA and borrowers headed into foreclosure.

Mapping the Hispanic Homeownership Gap

Of 100 US cities analyzed, only 2 in Texas have closed the gap between white and Hispanic homeownership rates.

Single Security Helps Today’s Housing Finance System and Lays the Groundwork for Tomorrow's

The creation of the UMBS is an important step forward in the current system.

These Five Facts Reveal the Current Crisis in Black Homeownership

Although homeownership rates for other groups have largely recovered since the housing crisis, black homeownership continues to decline, recently hitting an all-time low.

Private Mortgage Insurance Reduces the Severity of Losses for Those Holding Risk

Changes in the housing finance sector have sparked conversations on the value of private mortgage insurance.

How Corporations Can Boost Their Affordable Housing Investments

Google recently announced a $1 billion investment in affordable housing in the Bay Area.

If FHA Wants to Bring Lenders Back, It Will Need to Clarify Their False Claims Act Liability

The Federal Housing Administration recently announced changes to clarify how it would enforce its underwriting rules.

Newest Housing Data Indicate We Likely Aren’t in a Housing Bubble

The current demand for houses is largely driven by families seeking to purchase homes.

American Seniors Prefer to “Age in Place”—But What’s the Right Place?

As more Americans near retirement, they’re grappling with where they should live as they grow older.

The FHA Can Improve its Reverse Mortgage Program by Changing Servicing Protocol

The FHA's Home Equity Conversation Mortgage program helps seniors tap into their housing wealth to help pay for living expenses.