November 1, Monthly member briefing

As a way to keep MSC members informed, the Housing Finance Policy Center hosts a regular briefing with MSC members to discuss recent activities of the collaborative. Ten MSC members joined the November 1 briefing which is the final one of 2018. HFPC staff provided an update on the progress with the Servicing 101 education white board videos project in which several meetings occurred in October with our vendor to begin developing the storyboards and animation for the videos. In addition to the video project, we are in the process of finalizing the research brief for work stream 4 titled, “The Case for Uniform Mortgage Servicing Data Standards”. The brief is expected to publish before Thanksgiving. Finally, MSC members discussed next steps on work stream 5 which is broadly focused on fundamental structural reforms to mortgage servicing. The work stream is divided into three subcommittees focused on non-performing loans, servicing compensation, and financial technology in servicing. The subcommittees will begin to meet before the next and final in-person convening of MSC members which is scheduled for December 6 in Washington, DC.