March 22, 2018, Monthly member briefing

As a way to keep MSC members informed, the Housing Finance Policy Center hosts a regular briefing on the fourth Thursday of each month at 2pm ET. Nineteen MSC members joined the March briefing on MSC activities. HFPC staff updated members on activities since February which included releasing our third brief on FHA conveyance and foreclosure processes on February 28.  In addition to releasing the brief, Capitol Hill has taken an interest in the work of the MSC and is considering legislation to address recommendations from the Government Loan Mods brief. On Servicing 101 efforts, we are reconstituting a small Advisory Committee of MSC members whose purpose is to provide recommendations to HFPC staff on how best to proceed with the effort. A committee meeting will be scheduled for April. Work Stream 4’s meeting date has been set for April 10 from 3-5pm ET to begin work on efforts to align servicing standards.