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  • May 2, Full collaborative meeting
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  • August 23, Monthly member briefing

    As a way to keep MSC members informed, the Housing Finance Policy Center hosts a regular briefing on the fourth Thursday of each month. Fourteen MSC members joined the August 23 briefing on MSC activities. HFPC provided an update on the Servicing 101 video initiative noting that the script subcommittee met on August 8 to review the script for a final time. The script was approved by the subcommittee. The next step is to give the script to the vendor for review and finalization. The script is currently with the vendor and under review to determine the timing of video chapters, final content of each video, and the overall timeline to produce them. We will have an update on progress with the video script in the coming weeks. MSC members were updated on progress with work stream 4. The work stream 4 subcommittee met in July and August to review and discuss the focus of the work stream which is data standardization. On August 16, the subcommittee reviewed a draft research outline and members to provided feedback. A draft research brief is now being written with the expectation that a draft product will be available for review by work stream members mid-September. On work stream 5, HFPC will convene MSC members in September for additional intake. Work stream 5’s focus will be on fundamental changes and reforms to mortgage servicing.

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