PROJECTC-SPAN Video of "Emerging Issues in Mortgage Servicing" Seminar

On Wednesday, August 17, C-SPAN aired "Emerging Issues in Mortgage Servicing," an event cohosted by the Urban Institute and CoreLogic.

Event Summary

The mortgage-servicing sector has changed appreciably over the previous few years: cost inputs for servicing distressed loans have risen, the entities and actors have changed, and transfers have increased in frequency. How has the cost structure of servicing changed, and does the compensation model need reexamining? Is there room to better align the interests of the servicers and borrowers? How can compatibility of technological systems enhance servicing transfer protocol and data integrity? How do capital requirements influence the levers of bank and nonbank servicing volumes? What improvements remain to create a better servicing model from consumer to investor?

Faith Schwartz, principal, Housing Finance System Strategies LLC (moderator)
Ed DeMarco, senior fellow in residence, Center for Financial Markets, Milken Institute (panelist)
Laurie Goodman, codirector, Housing Finance Policy Center, Urban Institute (panelist)
Raghu Kakumanu, senior vice president, housing policy and capital markets, Wells Fargo (panelist)
Laurie Maggiano, program manager, servicing and secondary markets, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (panelist)
Michael Stegman, fellow, Bipartisan Policy Center (panelist)

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