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Three possible scenarios help explain the potential implications of President Trump's recent executive order on health care.

Medicaid’s health homes program: A powerful way for states to address the opioid crisis

A promising Medicaid initiative for opioid treatment has been implemented in Maryland, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

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Up to 9 million children are at risk of losing coverage under the Children's Health Insurance Program, absent reauthorization of funding by Congress.

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Without these three essential supports, insurance markets will topple

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If the Senate repeal-and-replace health care bill goes forward, it would cut Medicaid just as more elderly Americans need long-term services and support

Baby boomers will start reaching their mid-eighties around 2030, when proposed cuts to Medicaid would take effect.

Fixing the ACA is the overlooked solution to the health care puzzle

A Q&A with Linda Blumberg, who's extensively studied the impacts of the Affordable Care Act following its initial implementation in 2014.

Senate health bill would lower the Medicaid per capita cap rate, causing greater state budget shortfalls

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Both winners and losers under AHCA oppose repealing core ACA provisions

A new survey shows widespread support for key provisions of the ACA, even among those who could see their premiums decline under repeal legislation.

Proposed federal budget cuts threaten housing and health care partnerships

Cuts to HUD and Medicaid could make it harder for states to provide basic care to low-income people.