To Weather COVID-19, Rural Hospitals Might Need More Support

Urban hospitals have so far been the hardest hit, but policymakers should consider rural hospitals' needs and target assistance to keep them open and equipped to serve their communities through this crisis.

Many People with Employer-Sponsored Insurance Would Face High Out-of-Pocket Costs for COVID-19 Treatment

These costs could create significant financial hardships—particularly among employees without paid sick leave who would already be losing wages while missing work to receive treatment.

Even Before the Coronavirus Outbreak, Hourly and Self-Employed Workers Were Struggling to Meet Basic Needs

Despite the nation being at the tail end of its longest economic expansion on record, many hourly and self-employed workers were already struggling to make ends meet before the outbreak.

Medicaid and CHIP Flexibility Can Help Safeguard Americans during the COVID-19 Crisis

Taking advantage of the flexibility permitted by program statutes will help people obtain, retain, and make optimal use of critical health coverage.

Health Philanthropy Will Play a Critical Role in Responding to COVID-19

Philanthropy can help address vulnerabilities and support the health and recovery of communities in the short and long term.

COVID-19 Treatment Costs Could Hit Some Medicare Beneficiaries with High Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Without action, Medicare beneficiaries who contract COVID-19 would face not only serious health risks but also substantial financial risks, especially those without supplemental coverage.

Why Selecting Contraception Should Be More Like Shopping for Furniture

Negative clinical experiences may lead women to avoid accessing health care or be skeptical of providers’ recommendations.

More Diversity, More Opportunity? A Q&A with Faith Mitchell

Mitchell is the former CEO of Grantmakers In Health, the nation’s largest association of health funders.

Don’t Confuse Changes in Federal Health Spending with National Health Spending

Some have misinterpreted estimates on how single-payer (i.e. Medicare for All) proposals would affect federal spending and total national health spending.

What Happened to People Affected by Work Requirements in Arkansas?

Arkansas is one of the first states to implement work requirements for Medicaid and SNAP.