For Most Workers, the Latest COVID-19 Vaccine Developments Won’t Mean Protection Just Yet

Black, Native American, and Hispanic/Latinx workers are more likely to work in person and in close proximity to others, putting them at greater risk of contracting COVID-19.

Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, Medicaid Expansion Is More Important Than Ever, and Young Adults Would Gain the Most

New estimates find that expanding Medicaid now would reduce the number of uninsured people by 4.4 million.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act Would Take Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Away from More Than a Half Million People

The loss of treatment could cost many their lives and prompt a surge in related costs, which would put a huge burden on families, state governments, and providers.

Why We Should Be Talking about Mental Health among Latinx Communities

Although Latinx and white populations show similar rates of any mental illness, there are disparities when it comes to treatment.

Overturning the ACA Would Increase Uninsurance among People of All Ages, Races, and Ethnicities

If the Supreme Court overturns the ACA, coverage and federal spending on health care will fall in every state, and health care providers will experience sizable decreases in revenue.

What Types of Hospitals and Areas Received the First Round of High-Impact COVID-19 Funding?

A new analysis found that the first round of high-impact payments generally, but not always, correlated with the prevalence of COVID-19 rates.

Many Insured Adults Report Problems Trying to Find New Health Care Providers

Low- and moderate-income adults, adults with chronic health conditions, and adults with Medicaid or other public coverage were more likely to report problems finding a new provider.

ACA Marketplace Subsidy Enhancements Would Lead to Premium Savings for Millions of Households

If adopted, the approach in this bill could reduce the number of uninsured people, because more people would find postsubsidy coverage affordable.

Millions of Dads Won’t Have Health Insurance This Father’s Day

Approximately 4.3 million custodial fathers living with children younger than 19 were uninsured in 2017–18.

Federal COVID-19 Provider Relief Funds: Following the Money

As HHS moves to release more aid, it will be important to continue to track what criteria are used in developing future allocations.