Washington, DC, Research Initiative Projects

A Vision for an Equitable DC

This interactive feature visualizes what the nation’s capital could look like if it closed its stark racial disparities. The data visualization, which includes breakouts of ward-level data, allows you to view two scenarios of DC: reality or a DC with racial equity.

Making Their Voices Heard

This web feature highlights the voices of D.C. residents who collaborated with Urban researchers to design an innovative approach to a teen health program, Promoting Adolescent Sexual Health and Safety (PASS), in the Benning Terrace community in D.C.

Our Changing City

This project is an interactive series exploring changes in demographics, schools, housing, crime, and more in the District of Columbia.

NeighborhoodInfo DC 

NeighborhoodInfo DC works to support community organizations, neighborhood leadership, residents, and government as they work to improve quality of life for people throughout the District of Columbia.


Measure4Change, a partnership between the World Bank Group and the Urban Institute, is a pilot program to build performance measurement and evaluation capacity among local nonprofits in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. 

DC Preservation Catalog 

The DC Preservation Catalog is a database of assisted housing in the District of Columbia maintained by NeighborhoodInfo DC and the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development. The Catalog is used by a network of city agencies, nonprofits, community organizations, affordable housing developers, and HUD (the DC Preservation Network) to develop responses and strategies to preserve affordable housing for low-income residents.