Unstable Work Patterns Challenge Compliance with Safety Net Work Requirements

The Trump administration continues to advance work requirements in federal health, nutrition, and rental assistance programs.

A Better Measure of Inflation Doesn’t Mean a Better Measure of Poverty

The Trump administration is proposing to change the way the US officially measures poverty.

With Public Charge Rule Looming, One in Seven Adults in Immigrant Families Reported Avoiding Public Benefit Programs in 2018

A new report provides evidence of “chilling effects” on immigrant families’ participation in safety net programs.

Proposal to Restrict SNAP Time Limit Waivers Should Consider Factors beyond Unemployment Rates

The proposed rule would make it more difficult for states to obtain waivers and subject more people to work requirements in areas with limited economic opportunities.

The social safety net in 2019: four trends to watch in SNAP

The Trump administration has signaled interest in tightening up waivers for SNAP work requirements.

For housing authorities, "public charge" expected to sow confusion and add administrative costs

The administration's proposed changes to immigration policy are already affecting some immigrant and noncitizen families who rely on housing assistance.

“Public charge” could lead to fewer immigrants—and taxpayers—contributing to the US economy

Immigrants and their children are expected to make up a greater share of our labor force in the coming decades.

We have a farm bill without stricter work requirements, but a proposed rule change could still limit SNAP access for some adults

Although the administration did not achieve stiffer work requirements through legislation, it signaled this week its intent to pursue stricter work requirements for adult SNAP recipients without dependents through regulatory changes.

Penalizing immigrants for obtaining Medicaid coverage puts child and family well-being at risk

Significant evidence documents the spillover benefits of parental Medicaid coverage on children’s health and well-being.