Immediate Federal Action Is Needed to Keep People Housed in the Face of the Pandemic

Tools are in place that can work if Congress acts fast and with clarity.

Six Ways to Reduce Risks and Burdens for Accessing Public Assistance during the Coronavirus Outbreak

A few common sense and short-term policy and procedure changes would allow people already receiving assistance through SNAP and TANF block grant programs to continue receiving these vital services during the crisis.

Feeding the Country during a Pandemic: Seven Ways Forward

A top priority for our nation’s emergency response should be figuring out how to feed those who already struggle with food insecurity and those who may be newly in need.

New Data Show about 1 in 10 Adults Turns To Charitable Food Assistance

How much do we know about individuals and families who use charitable food assistance?

Colder States Would Lose More SNAP Benefits under Proposed Changes

A proposal would change the way states consider utility costs, which can include winter heating bills, when determining eligibility for SNAP.

Administration’s SNAP Proposal Could Affect Free School Lunch—And Now We Know How Much

Schools using the Community Eligibility Provision to provide free lunch to all students could be affected by a recent proposal.

What Happened to People Affected by Work Requirements in Arkansas?

Arkansas is one of the first states to implement work requirements for Medicaid and SNAP.

How Uncertainty Surrounding the “Public Charge” Rule Leads to Hardship for Immigrant Families

Interviews with 25 adults in immigrant families reveal the unique challenges posed by fear and misinformation.

Expanding Child Care Subsidies Could Serve Two Million Additional Children

Our current child care system leaves many families unable to find or pay for high-quality child care.

More than Half a Million SNAP Recipients Could Lose Benefits over Time under Proposed Poverty Measure

The Trump administration has proposed changing how inflation is measured when setting federal poverty thresholds.